Courses on Identification of traditional Chinese medicine

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration Quanzhou city held a Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination cum drug regulatory business training courses. The city’s drug regulatory personnel involved in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces production, wholesale, chain headquarters quality control personnel 280 people participated in the training.

It is understood that the training has made drug testing institution rich practical experience of experts discrimination medicines thematic explanations, on 23 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines easily adulterated training last year, Chinese medicine Pieces varieties, also a new addition this year to focus on 27 kinds identification of training. In addition, the training also distributed a Food and Drug Administration by the Quanzhou City Institute for Drug Control written invitation “Chinese herbal character identification of training materials 2” for each student for students to learn.

Quanzhou Food and Drug Administration, responsible person, Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination training courses have been held a year, this is the second phase. Such courses both for regulators in the future to do medicine market supervision, or the pharmaceutical enterprises in the future activities of buying and selling good quality have played a good role.

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