Create a five-star class Chinese Medicine Industry

The so-called five “heart” is a multi-faceted publicity eliminate suspicion, typically lead the public confidence, because household policies applied by the determination, to the point now really helping relieve concerns paste people. It is understood that permanent hair cooperatives in the county 14 villages and towns (street) 32 villages led to more than 4,200 farmers planting project implementation. Planting area of ​​1.2 hectares, involving eight kinds of Chinese herbal varieties Peucedanum, lilies, Poria, Aster, bellflower, herb and so on.

Based on a wide range of planting, planting varieties fact, village-based Task Force, responsible for helping the United HENGFA cooperatives technical personnel to go home in poor households, poor households to learn about family labor, plant capacity, Serious View geological conditions, soil and water resources, climate, traffic situation. Planting implement the “unified planning and site preparation”, will go it alone “development to” concentrated into a film “type of development to ensure that every village has at least one area of ​​100 acres planted scale cultivation base.

Start-up capital for poor households lack of project issues, “unified seed, unified fertilization, pesticides unity”, permanent hair cooperative projects on the basis of national industrial subsidies, and actively fulfill its corporate social obligations and responsibilities, free of charge for poor households seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, helping poor households quickly start planting.

Currently, David Carse, cooperatives provide seed money to poor households 11.2 million yuan, 7.9 million yuan of fertilizer and pesticides paragraph. For poor households lack of technology and experience in the planting issue, “unified guidance of” permanent hair cooperative organizations, more than 30 professional and technical personnel tracking service for poor households. Up to now, the technical service has reached more than 8,000 people. Planting bases have been placed in a simple washing machine 8, the construction of washing pool 38, the construction of a total area of ​​8200 square meters of Chinese herbal medicine processing plant.

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