Construct Internet+ Healthy Medicine Ecosystem

Recently, Jingdong announced the official launch of the integration of upstream and downstream industries for partners and distribution channels, “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform”, as well as provide consumers with proprietary non-prescription drugs (OTC) and “Jingdong pharmacy” business of health care products. Relying on its own platform advantage, “Jingdong medicine” industry partners will join forces to create a consumer-centric, medical services cut to the core of the Internet and drug transaction pharmaceutical ecosystem, in order to reshape the traditional medicine circulation, as well as consumer to provide one-stop service platform for the whole category of medical and pharmaceutical.

The on-line “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform” designed to build pharmaceutical companies, drug batch upstream to retail pharmacies, clinics, private hospitals and other downstream drug trading platform. Platform currently covers chemical drugs, respiratory and digestive system drugs, cardiovascular drugs, gynecology medication, medicine and other categories, the future will be on the line equipment, health products and other categories.

May 2015, Jingdong and Shanghai Pharmaceutical signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop Internet pharmaceutical market, and the creation of “drug cloud health flagship store.” Together to create a full category B2B online sales platform and cable distribution network.

Jingdong pharmacy as Jingdong B2C business brand pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, will rely on the master Jingdong, for the average consumer, the main Jingdong self OTC pharmaceutical business; business undertaking medicines, health products, supplements, medical equipment, health supplies, health services and other related categories, to create “asset-light, high-quality, heavy, high-efficiency, large-scale” professional pharmacy services and drug sales platform.

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