The market share of Chinese medicine grinder

Talking pharmaceutical equipment important equipment is no doubt that Chinese medicine grinder will be on the list. In recent years, pulverizer used in Chinese medicine has also been widely used. But I development, also encountered some bottlenecks.
The development of traditional Chinese medicine grinder now there are many difficulties, because through ten years of development, can improve all aspects of technology have been improved, would like to have new progress is very difficult.
Chinese medicine grinder production enterprises more and more, which increases the competition between enterprises manufacturers, compared with foreign grinder, it is undeniable that China’s relatively backward technology, which also restricted the development of mill enterprises. In addition, our technical staff also lack of knowledge, business understanding mill will stay on the surface. Related enterprises should learn more about industry knowledge, operation and maintenance of this equipment is of great help.

Our Chinese medicine grinder to change the low-tech situation, we must continue school advanced technology. The development of high efficiency, low consumption of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. According to the market development of applicable market Chinese medicine grinder, grinder to accelerate the development of the industry, thereby increasing the market share of domestic mill.
From the entire domestic market to analyze the problem and find a good method to solve the problem and there is now, and now we should improve the situation in the case, go to some foreign market is not developed, but in line with current market grinder with high technological content equipment to conquer the market.
Chinese medicine grinder and our life is closely related to its progress and development is never stop. As long as we learn to observe carefully track the trend of social development, and the development trend of the technology to be able to master the most advanced technology to meet the market demand.

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