Research and development on Pharmacodynamics and clinical application

President of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, former deputy director of State Administration of Traditional Fang Shuting led LEG Dendrobium in Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shou Sentani declared, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base construction projects to inspect acceptance. LEG renowned experts Fang Shuting, Sun Liying, Wang Wenquan, GAO Wen-yuan, Zhao Runhuai, Wang Ying, Xiu heard special reports the company, to inspect the company’s base of Dendrobium, fungus growth, review the associated data files, and with the business, technical and management personnel an informal discussion was held visits acceptance feedback briefing, the Panel finds that comments and suggestions put forward. County leaders Deng Zhang, Li Yong participated in study acceptance.

The Group believes Wuyi County Dendrobium, fungus growth historic, Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharma AG has tradition and innovation in Dendrobium, provenance protection, imitation wild ecological organic farming products deep processing and utilization of Dendrobium Ganoderma industrial development has a strong lead role. He agreed to grant Zhejiang Shou Paradise Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Dendrobium, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base,” the title.

The Group recommends the company to carry out further officinale, Ganoderma germplasm resources protection and nurturing, increase Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum pharmacological effect and clinical application of research and development efforts to enhance standards promotion and brand building, so Dendrobium, and Ganoderma lucidum products for public health services and make greater contributions.

Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Li Yan accompanied the expedition LEG acceptance, vowed to seriously listen to opinions and suggestions of experts digestion, improve protection and enhance the company’s authentic ingredients standardization construction.

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