3.1 billion acquisition of Pud Pharmaceutical

Pud Pharmaceutical mainly engaged in chemical research and development in medicine compound preparation, production and sales, the efficacy of the product range to cardiovascular, microbial infections, tumor diseases, respiratory diseases, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies mainly to cover the digestive system , nervous system, urinary system, the main products for gingko injection, injection of brain protein hydrolyzate and other anti-microbial infection drug injection of anti-cancer drugs with the left leucovorin calcium.

Pud Pharmaceutical has 162 varieties of drugs, 279 drug production approval number. Pud Pharmaceutical audited 2015 revenue of 564 million yuan, net profit of 208 million yuan, equivalent to 82.46 percent and 906.76 percent over the same period thousand source pharmaceutical revenues and net profit, respectively.

Qian source of medicine, said Pud medicine has improved the production line freeze-drying, water-pin production lines and raw material drug production lines and strong production capacity, the acquisition strengthens the company’s heart and brain blood vessels, anti-tumor, anti-infection, nutrition classes and other fields strength, can greatly enrich the company’s product lines, expanding product coverage areas.

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