First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital actively promote the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Promoting Hierarchical clinics and medical conjoined mode of cooperation, continue to consolidate the zone of peace and cooperation on the basis of the medical conjoined, initially completed in cooperation with the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shijiazhuang negotiations, and Jinghai County CHILD health hospital signed a cooperation agreement to fulfill the functions of public welfare, social responsibility first, medical technology to maximize the advantages of three medical institutions to provide assistance for grass-roots community health service medical institutions. Hospital completed a remarkable three hospitals in poor areas of county hospitals counterpart support work, and actively organize the implementation of “one million physicians support rural health project.” In 2014, the Working Group hospital residency work closely around the central task of helping, by means of experimental planting herbs to help the village to find a way to get rich, experimental planting 100 acres of Salvia project is successful, the content of a variety of ingredients are more than the national pharmacopoeia standard, increasing the income of farmers.

Hospital conscientiously implement the requirements of relevant documents superior medical ethics, medical ethics education and to strengthen the staff to carry out the core values ​​of education, combined with “Good”, “Miyoshi a satisfaction” and other activities, organize workers to conscientiously study the laws and regulations, enhance awareness of compliance. Thought actively carry out “medical practitioners to implement codes of conduct tree good ethics,” special education and practice “five to five are not allowed” service commitment activity Tianjin Wei Planning to deploy, requiring medical staff to further strengthen the “patient first” , always put the people’s interests first, focus on improving the service, improve service quality, control medical costs, reduce the burden on the masses, ruthless killing of medical personnel kickbacks, “red”, billing and other errors of commission wind. During the three years, the hospital has received all kinds of praise for the medical staff letter 1550, in which 645 letters of appreciation, pennants frame 808 face, verbal praise 97 times, medical personnel and reject red card shopping totaled 826,640 yuan.

Hospital adhering to the “law-abiding, pragmatic solidarity, integrity and lead by example,” the credo, adhere to triple a large system, the implementation of the Workers’ Congress, do Hospital Transparency, strengthen democratic management and democratic supervision, work rules to follow , the legitimate rights and interests of workers are protected, harmonious relationship between cadres. Focus on strengthening the “home of workers”, to create a “national model worker” as an opportunity, South Campus area over 500 square meters of “workers club” put into use, the establishment of singing, dancing, photography, tai chi fan, sports and other topics associations, organizations table tennis, football match, tournament activities, carry out a variety of sports activities, increasing the cohesion and solidarity of workers.

Courses on Identification of traditional Chinese medicine

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration Quanzhou city held a Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination cum drug regulatory business training courses. The city’s drug regulatory personnel involved in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces production, wholesale, chain headquarters quality control personnel 280 people participated in the training.

It is understood that the training has made drug testing institution rich practical experience of experts discrimination medicines thematic explanations, on 23 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines easily adulterated training last year, Chinese medicine Pieces varieties, also a new addition this year to focus on 27 kinds identification of training. In addition, the training also distributed a Food and Drug Administration by the Quanzhou City Institute for Drug Control written invitation “Chinese herbal character identification of training materials 2” for each student for students to learn.

Quanzhou Food and Drug Administration, responsible person, Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination training courses have been held a year, this is the second phase. Such courses both for regulators in the future to do medicine market supervision, or the pharmaceutical enterprises in the future activities of buying and selling good quality have played a good role.

Enhance food and drug safety inspection

Since the city’s food and drug safety inspection work started, Wuqing Market Authority adhere to the “responsibility to distinguish in place, normative guidance in place, put in place to promote the guide in place” principle, promote food and drug safety inspection to achieve tangible results.

Wuqing development of the region issued a food and drug safety inspection program of work, set up a leading group responsible for organizing and leading the work of inspection, coordinated manner. Tissue mobilization. Concentrated in the region on the basis of mobilization, the council once again organized mobilization to promote and intensify the work inspection. Clear division of responsibilities. In accordance with the principle of “who is in charge who is responsible, who is who is responsible for approving, who control who is responsible” to implement the regulatory responsibility of departments, the primary regulatory responsibility of Origin form clear responsibility and authority, and make concerted efforts, joint prevention and control of a powerful force.

For many types of market players, the scope of business relates to the field of multi-regulatory personnel and more practical, hierarchical organization regulators, corporate executives, business training information specialists Village Street. Stage of the census total of 76 training sessions, training and supervision of personnel 1506 people, training enterprises 4694 times, training more than 600 people Member Information Village Street. Written instructions specification. Since the inspection work carried out, the council unified guidance of some units, common problems occurring in enterprise checking to ensure convergence and down in an orderly manner. Synchronization conduct self-examination. Start to proceed with the deployment and corporate self-examination, self-examination process promptly solve difficult problems.