Chinese medicine is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture

It reported that Chinese medicine is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. However in recent years, “Western medicine” popular in the domestic market. Our medicines are exported to foreign countries, the after processing into “Kampo preparations”, and then sold back to the Chinese market. Although the price of similar products several times, but still can not stop people from buying.

For example, after the German companies with the purchase price of a few dollars per kilogram Chinese rough leaves, deep processing of research into cholesterol-lowering drugs, the price of up to several hundred dollars. Ancient Chinese side “Liushen”, was the transformation of Japan developed a “rescue Pill”, creating more than 100 million US dollars per year in sales miracle.

The same gene, why a country trip, not only to sell a good price, but also became a best seller? Fourth Clinical Medical College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dean Wang Chengxiang think, compared to foreign drugs through the deep processing of value-added products improve, the domestic production mostly in the early stages.

Our drugs, including health care products are at relatively early stages in the processing and packaging, we do still not enough. The industry believes that “Western medicine” has been favored by consumers, strict quality standards is an important reason, and this is precisely the biggest weakness of traditional Chinese medicine industry. Lack of quality standards, allow domestic Chinese medicine into a “quality crisis.”

Create a five-star class Chinese Medicine Industry

The so-called five “heart” is a multi-faceted publicity eliminate suspicion, typically lead the public confidence, because household policies applied by the determination, to the point now really helping relieve concerns paste people. It is understood that permanent hair cooperatives in the county 14 villages and towns (street) 32 villages led to more than 4,200 farmers planting project implementation. Planting area of ​​1.2 hectares, involving eight kinds of Chinese herbal varieties Peucedanum, lilies, Poria, Aster, bellflower, herb and so on.

Based on a wide range of planting, planting varieties fact, village-based Task Force, responsible for helping the United HENGFA cooperatives technical personnel to go home in poor households, poor households to learn about family labor, plant capacity, Serious View geological conditions, soil and water resources, climate, traffic situation. Planting implement the “unified planning and site preparation”, will go it alone “development to” concentrated into a film “type of development to ensure that every village has at least one area of ​​100 acres planted scale cultivation base.

Start-up capital for poor households lack of project issues, “unified seed, unified fertilization, pesticides unity”, permanent hair cooperative projects on the basis of national industrial subsidies, and actively fulfill its corporate social obligations and responsibilities, free of charge for poor households seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, helping poor households quickly start planting.

Currently, David Carse, cooperatives provide seed money to poor households 11.2 million yuan, 7.9 million yuan of fertilizer and pesticides paragraph. For poor households lack of technology and experience in the planting issue, “unified guidance of” permanent hair cooperative organizations, more than 30 professional and technical personnel tracking service for poor households. Up to now, the technical service has reached more than 8,000 people. Planting bases have been placed in a simple washing machine 8, the construction of washing pool 38, the construction of a total area of ​​8200 square meters of Chinese herbal medicine processing plant.

Construct Internet+ Healthy Medicine Ecosystem

Recently, Jingdong announced the official launch of the integration of upstream and downstream industries for partners and distribution channels, “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform”, as well as provide consumers with proprietary non-prescription drugs (OTC) and “Jingdong pharmacy” business of health care products. Relying on its own platform advantage, “Jingdong medicine” industry partners will join forces to create a consumer-centric, medical services cut to the core of the Internet and drug transaction pharmaceutical ecosystem, in order to reshape the traditional medicine circulation, as well as consumer to provide one-stop service platform for the whole category of medical and pharmaceutical.

The on-line “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform” designed to build pharmaceutical companies, drug batch upstream to retail pharmacies, clinics, private hospitals and other downstream drug trading platform. Platform currently covers chemical drugs, respiratory and digestive system drugs, cardiovascular drugs, gynecology medication, medicine and other categories, the future will be on the line equipment, health products and other categories.

May 2015, Jingdong and Shanghai Pharmaceutical signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop Internet pharmaceutical market, and the creation of “drug cloud health flagship store.” Together to create a full category B2B online sales platform and cable distribution network.

Jingdong pharmacy as Jingdong B2C business brand pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, will rely on the master Jingdong, for the average consumer, the main Jingdong self OTC pharmaceutical business; business undertaking medicines, health products, supplements, medical equipment, health supplies, health services and other related categories, to create “asset-light, high-quality, heavy, high-efficiency, large-scale” professional pharmacy services and drug sales platform.