The market share of Chinese medicine grinder

Talking pharmaceutical equipment important equipment is no doubt that Chinese medicine grinder will be on the list. In recent years, pulverizer used in Chinese medicine has also been widely used. But I development, also encountered some bottlenecks.
The development of traditional Chinese medicine grinder now there are many difficulties, because through ten years of development, can improve all aspects of technology have been improved, would like to have new progress is very difficult.
Chinese medicine grinder production enterprises more and more, which increases the competition between enterprises manufacturers, compared with foreign grinder, it is undeniable that China’s relatively backward technology, which also restricted the development of mill enterprises. In addition, our technical staff also lack of knowledge, business understanding mill will stay on the surface. Related enterprises should learn more about industry knowledge, operation and maintenance of this equipment is of great help.

Our Chinese medicine grinder to change the low-tech situation, we must continue school advanced technology. The development of high efficiency, low consumption of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. According to the market development of applicable market Chinese medicine grinder, grinder to accelerate the development of the industry, thereby increasing the market share of domestic mill.
From the entire domestic market to analyze the problem and find a good method to solve the problem and there is now, and now we should improve the situation in the case, go to some foreign market is not developed, but in line with current market grinder with high technological content equipment to conquer the market.
Chinese medicine grinder and our life is closely related to its progress and development is never stop. As long as we learn to observe carefully track the trend of social development, and the development trend of the technology to be able to master the most advanced technology to meet the market demand.

Research and development on Pharmacodynamics and clinical application

President of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, former deputy director of State Administration of Traditional Fang Shuting led LEG Dendrobium in Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shou Sentani declared, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base construction projects to inspect acceptance. LEG renowned experts Fang Shuting, Sun Liying, Wang Wenquan, GAO Wen-yuan, Zhao Runhuai, Wang Ying, Xiu heard special reports the company, to inspect the company’s base of Dendrobium, fungus growth, review the associated data files, and with the business, technical and management personnel an informal discussion was held visits acceptance feedback briefing, the Panel finds that comments and suggestions put forward. County leaders Deng Zhang, Li Yong participated in study acceptance.

The Group believes Wuyi County Dendrobium, fungus growth historic, Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharma AG has tradition and innovation in Dendrobium, provenance protection, imitation wild ecological organic farming products deep processing and utilization of Dendrobium Ganoderma industrial development has a strong lead role. He agreed to grant Zhejiang Shou Paradise Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Dendrobium, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base,” the title.

The Group recommends the company to carry out further officinale, Ganoderma germplasm resources protection and nurturing, increase Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum pharmacological effect and clinical application of research and development efforts to enhance standards promotion and brand building, so Dendrobium, and Ganoderma lucidum products for public health services and make greater contributions.

Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Li Yan accompanied the expedition LEG acceptance, vowed to seriously listen to opinions and suggestions of experts digestion, improve protection and enhance the company’s authentic ingredients standardization construction.

3.1 billion acquisition of Pud Pharmaceutical

Pud Pharmaceutical mainly engaged in chemical research and development in medicine compound preparation, production and sales, the efficacy of the product range to cardiovascular, microbial infections, tumor diseases, respiratory diseases, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies mainly to cover the digestive system , nervous system, urinary system, the main products for gingko injection, injection of brain protein hydrolyzate and other anti-microbial infection drug injection of anti-cancer drugs with the left leucovorin calcium.

Pud Pharmaceutical has 162 varieties of drugs, 279 drug production approval number. Pud Pharmaceutical audited 2015 revenue of 564 million yuan, net profit of 208 million yuan, equivalent to 82.46 percent and 906.76 percent over the same period thousand source pharmaceutical revenues and net profit, respectively.

Qian source of medicine, said Pud medicine has improved the production line freeze-drying, water-pin production lines and raw material drug production lines and strong production capacity, the acquisition strengthens the company’s heart and brain blood vessels, anti-tumor, anti-infection, nutrition classes and other fields strength, can greatly enrich the company’s product lines, expanding product coverage areas.