Monopoly of Chinese medicine particles

Chinese medicine formulations particles market monopoly for many years, in July 2001, the former State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Chinese medicine formulations particles Management Interim Provisions”, will Chinese medicine granules included in the scope of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Herbal implement approval number management. 2002–2004 years, through the National Food Administration drug review the record and get the pilot, the company approved a total of six companies, including Jiang Yin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, Guangdong side Pharmaceutical, Beijing Kangren Tang Pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical, Sichuan new green medicine, Empowerment (Nanning) Pharmaceutical. Thereafter, the pilot enterprises not increased. The market is also very generous profit, about 50% annual growth rate, in such a long time actually only six companies are entitled to market profits.

December 2015, the State Food and Drug Control Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Food and Drug Administration) issued draft, limiting the pilot show will be open formulation particles – traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises only after the seat of the provincial food and drug administration departments approval, and to increase Chinese medicine granules in pharmaceutical production enterprise license production range, then in accordance with “Chinese medicine formulations particles filing governance Rules” requirement to submit filings to the provincial food and Drug Administration department, can be produced.

Full liberalization may exacerbate market competition. Meanwhile, the state also strengthened the production specifications and requirements. While the industry standard is still confusion, the draft clearly defined by the State Pharmacopoeia Committee organized a unified Chinese medicine formulations particles of the drug formulation and revision of standards. However, industry sources speculated general, since the standard in a short time “giving birth”, the record made real floor still to fear.

National genuine medicinal planting bases

Preliminary survey of medicinal plants have been found within the 152 families of more than 1,200 species, and for the first time discovered Solanum (also known as Dragon Ball) in Zhejiang Province; Jinhua area was first discovered Balanophora and flat sticks blueberry new varieties; discovery pole with the value of the research and development of more than 20 varieties of species, such as berberine, three Yeh, three sharp cedar, Swertia, mistletoe, grass coral, Melaleuca tower, Huang Jing, Yu-chu, Ophiopogon, asparagus, white kiwi, dragon Senate polyphylla, Boisson, tile, and some medicinal mushroom fungus flower varieties, clouds Chi, Chi and other blood-red plug.

Shou Sentani Pharmaceutical established a base in germplasm resources garden germplasm base and information base, laid the foundation for expensive medicines resource conservation and sustainable use.

As early as August 2012, the NDRC and the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department approved separately agreed to establish a research center in Zhejiang Province Dendrobium engineering and engineering technology research center of rare herbal medicine in Zhejiang Province in life Sentani.

Dendrobium engineering research center in Zhejiang Shou Sentani Medicines Pharmaceutical organic base for the construction of the main body, in accordance with the domestic and international situation and development trend of Dendrobium industrial technology for hybrid germplasm, seeds lacking, difficult cultivation, cultivation no standard, difficult to promote and other issues, the key technology breakthroughs Dendrobium breeding, breeding areas, breeding solve engineering and industrial problems, a set breeding, propagation, cultivation is one of the complete technology development system, to achieve Dendrobium scale, standardized production.

Comprehensive reform in urban public hospitals

Puyang City, is a comprehensive reform of the national contact pilot cities, one third of public hospitals, the province currently only Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Puyang three pilot cities selected countries. Puyang City, the start of the reform include Puyang City People’s Hospital 7 hospital. Puyang City Planning Commission, according to Liu Wei introduction phase, all hospital medical reform will cancel drug addition, lowering the cost of drugs and medical supplies, medicines implement “zero difference” sales, and strive to 2017, the proportion of urban public hospital pharmacy (excluding Chinese Herbal Medicine) overall reduced to about 30%, hundred medical income (excluding income from pharmaceuticals) consumed in sanitary materials reduced to 20 yuan.

Hospital health care reform will also reduce the price of large medical equipment examination and treatment, reasonable adjustments to reflect the medical staff to enhance technical service value prices of medical services, especially medical, surgical, nursing beds, traditional Chinese medicine and other services prices.

In addition, Puyang City will also establish public hospitals to DRGs based, and paid according to the head, according to the service unit to pay a combination of complex payment methods, and further expand the scope of health insurance payments paid clinic project, and gradually increase the hospital The actual reimbursement, reduce the personal burden of medical costs insured patients.