Pharmacies sell prescription drugs by renting card

Zhengzhou Chen is a licensed pharmacist, in February this year, he suddenly found himself under the name of more pharmacies. Dahe reporter visited found, hidden behind the problem, “adequate” and the relationship between pharmacy licensed pharmacist. At present, Henan community pharmacies licensed pharmacist registered more than 2,000 the number of notches.

As a rule, the province business of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs Class A drug retailer, must be equipped with a licensed pharmacist, but the pharmacist gap, some pharmacies “rent card” business, result in the store has a licensed pharmacist license but did not see the pharmacist. There pharmacists playing a “Servant of Two Masters”, people go to work in a hospital or pharmaceutical companies, yet hanging in the pharmacy license to make money.

As a rule, business Class A non-prescription and prescription drugs drug retailer, licensed pharmacist or other legally by qualified pharmaceutical technicians not post, you should inform the listing, and to stop the sale of such drugs. But when the reporter visited Zhengzhou number of pharmacies found that many pharmacies although hanging “Pharmacists are not” sign, but still selling prescription drugs.

Yesterday, 9:00, reporters near a road junction Fukumoto future large pharmacy, a female salesperson went to ask what medicine. Reporters call themselves “diarrhea” and pointed to several drugs “prescription drug area,” the inquiry results. In this case, a middle-aged woman came over and said, “Come on, I can help you recommend.”

Poor households are planting herbs in the hope of getting rich

“I have acres of Achyranthes to market now have to sell less than 5,000 dollars now.” Xiangyang Village planting households Zhanghou Chun hunched, his pants pulled high, while weeding side of Achyranthes He told reporters. This is a microcosm of Benedict Tsubosato many poor people get rich by planting herbs.

Benedict Tsubosato located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges in Wushan gorge south bank of Chongqing, Hubei junction, with an average altitude of 1200 meters, is rich of Chinese herbal medicines, the wide variety and superior quality, traditional Chinese herbal medicine planting the impoverished masses to become rich new way. Given the fact that the earlier very high altitudes began spontaneous, small-scale cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines. Benedict Tsubosato high altitudes from 2016 began to introduce goddess Pharmaceutical Company LLC, the company developed technical regulations nursery fertilization, planting pattern, cultivation and management, harvesting and other aspects of the method in accordance with the requirements, the company provides seedlings to farmers planting, and technical guidance to provide one-stop services from site selection, transplanting, field management, harvesting herbs, etc., and signed orders and Yaonong, thus boosting the expanding township planting, plant varieties growing in planting depth advance. At an altitude of 1300 meters above the alpine zone, through the company + base + farmers model positive development of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine industry from scratch, has grown to 6,000 acres, the output value of more than 50 million yuan.

Given the fact that traditional Chinese medicine industry to grow the party temple, Fritillaria based. Currently the township has a four cooperatives company committed to the development of Chinese herbal medicines. Chongqing Goddess Pharmaceutical shares limited liability company base covering 1,200 acres, planting signing, technology, purchasing contracts with all medicines township growers; Wushan County, Kai Kai planting stock cooperatives planting herbs 1004 acres, driven by poor households 57 ; Xiao Wushan County ditch planting professional cooperatives planting herbs 620 acres, driven by poor households 60; Wushan County Tan warlords planting professional cooperatives planting herbs 358 acres, driven by poor households 14; Wushan County Zhenghua cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines professional cooperatives 250 acres of medicinal herbs, driven by poor households 11.

Special control on drugs circulation

Reporters recently learned from the Provincial Food and Drug Administration was informed that China Food and Drug Administration released the “illegal business improvement drugs circulation notice”, the province developed the drug circulation of illegal business conduct special rectification program, the province’s pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises have complete self-examination and rectification work.

Since the beginning of May 10, the province wholesale drug companies to pharmaceutical operation since July 2013, the focus of each control self inspection announcement. 327 wholesale companies, there are 322 reported self-examination and rectification report.
Summary found that such enterprises in our province the main problems are, some enterprises to drug retailer, clinics drug sales, and did not do sales invoice with the goods counterparts; few medical institutions “medical license” expired, not timely renewal, situation still exists expired sales; in an approved storage site address outside the drugs; the presence of the cool temperature and humidity exceedances short hot season and the rainy season.

It is understood that the food and drug supervision departments at all levels will be problem-oriented for business problems, organizational strength, to take off-site cross-check mode, targeted, focused manner to carry out supervision and inspection, and found the problem more companies publicity, serious illegal acts exposure pharmaceutical distribution rectification inspection found.