Food and Drug Administration held a meeting on sales of prescription drugs

Recently, the media revealed the province of some drug retailers with prescription sales of antibiotics without prescriptions, etc., caused by the provincial Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance. To strengthen the supervision of the city’s prescription drug sales, regulate drug business practices to ensure safe and effective use of drugs, June 20, the city Food and Drug Administration held a prescription sales of prescription drugs remediation work conference.
The meeting pointed out, drug safety, human life. At this stage the presence in our city drug retailers selling prescription drugs without prescription, prescription drug sales management is not required to carry out acts of registration, sales of prescription drugs and Class A non-prescription drugs. Each drug retailers to enhance the legal awareness, sense of responsibility, not overcharging selling antibiotic drugs; various Food and Drug Administration drug safety managers to improve the management of long-term mechanism to strengthen routine supervision, strengthen routine inspections and the formation of normalization of regulators to strengthen accountability.
The meeting urged all drug retailers to understand the situation, raise awareness, to strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the prescription and non-prescription drugs category management, strict prescription drug sales management, with the implementation of the pharmacist in pharmaceutical technology services to guide rational drug use; management of prescription drugs and Class A non-prescription drugs drug retailers should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of GSP, after prescription auditors review sales of prescription drugs, prescription auditors not post, it shall inform the listing, and stop selling prescription and non-prescription drugs CPI. Who found that drug retailer illegal sale of prescription drugs, will be based on “Drug Administration Law,” “drug distribution supervision and management approach” and other relevant laws and regulations for processing, the circumstances are serious, shall be punished severely, until revoked “drug management license” constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Research on Chinese medicine testing and standard

Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Health and the China Food and Drug Administration Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan signed a standard medicine testing and studies relating to cooperative arrangements on the 15th in Beijing to consolidate bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the field of scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to reports, in accordance with arrangements for cooperation, the two sides will be through expert meetings, training seminars and other activities to further strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine standardization technical exchanges, including research and Chinese herbal medicine Pieces quality and safety standards, development, and information about the quality of Chinese medicine and safety testing and risk control and other areas.

Cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, the Hong Kong Department of Health to give China Institute of Food and Drug test (in seized homes) support and participation, has completed 21 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in Hong Kong, the development of standards, the standard of which seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicines has been in the last year. ” in the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica standards “published standards remaining 14 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will also be published next year.

The hospital will provide a “drug delivery” service

Located in Fengtai Huaxiang new area Tiantan Hospital, the main structure has entered a phase of renovation, scheduled to be completed in the first half of next year. New Tiantan Hospital, a total of 1,650 beds, will enhance the existing bed capacity Tiantan Hospital nearly doubled. And would give patients drugs courier service.

Tiantan Hospital is the first from the center of the city as a whole relocation “top three” hospital, the new hospital was built in the Fengtai District Huaxiang Qiaodongbeijiao. New homes with a total construction area of ​​nearly 270,000 square meters, is three times the total area of ​​the existing building. Distribution of the new hospital building 10 monomers, including specialist outpatient building, information service hall, emergency building, medical technology building, ward building, and other buildings, a total of 1,650 beds, will enhance the existing bed capacity nearly doubled Tiantan Hospital, The day clinic, emergency department than they are now expected to amount increased by 30%.

Currently the main structure of the project has been implemented cap into the outer walls and interior decoration phase, planned for completion in the first half of next year. In addition, new homes surrounding municipal projects are also stepping forward, Wisconsin road will open to traffic this year, Hong Chong Road, Sihetun Zhuang Road No. 3 will start construction this year, the northern extension of the North Fourth Ring Road, Fangshan Line station has been achieved into field.

Tiantan Hospital will implement new 4G and WiFi signal full coverage, the patient will be able to achieve self-registration by phone, independent appointment, automatic navigation and Internet payment, direct delivery of drugs may be needed depending on the patient to the patient’s home.