Special control on drugs circulation

Reporters recently learned from the Provincial Food and Drug Administration was informed that China Food and Drug Administration released the “illegal business improvement drugs circulation notice”, the province developed the drug circulation of illegal business conduct special rectification program, the province’s pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises have complete self-examination and rectification work.

Since the beginning of May 10, the province wholesale drug companies to pharmaceutical operation since July 2013, the focus of each control self inspection announcement. 327 wholesale companies, there are 322 reported self-examination and rectification report.
Summary found that such enterprises in our province the main problems are, some enterprises to drug retailer, clinics drug sales, and did not do sales invoice with the goods counterparts; few medical institutions “medical license” expired, not timely renewal, situation still exists expired sales; in an approved storage site address outside the drugs; the presence of the cool temperature and humidity exceedances short hot season and the rainy season.

It is understood that the food and drug supervision departments at all levels will be problem-oriented for business problems, organizational strength, to take off-site cross-check mode, targeted, focused manner to carry out supervision and inspection, and found the problem more companies publicity, serious illegal acts exposure pharmaceutical distribution rectification inspection found.

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