Pharmacies sell prescription drugs by renting card

Zhengzhou Chen is a licensed pharmacist, in February this year, he suddenly found himself under the name of more pharmacies. Dahe reporter visited found, hidden behind the problem, “adequate” and the relationship between pharmacy licensed pharmacist. At present, Henan community pharmacies licensed pharmacist registered more than 2,000 the number of notches.

As a rule, the province business of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs Class A drug retailer, must be equipped with a licensed pharmacist, but the pharmacist gap, some pharmacies “rent card” business, result in the store has a licensed pharmacist license but did not see the pharmacist. There pharmacists playing a “Servant of Two Masters”, people go to work in a hospital or pharmaceutical companies, yet hanging in the pharmacy license to make money.

As a rule, business Class A non-prescription and prescription drugs drug retailer, licensed pharmacist or other legally by qualified pharmaceutical technicians not post, you should inform the listing, and to stop the sale of such drugs. But when the reporter visited Zhengzhou number of pharmacies found that many pharmacies although hanging “Pharmacists are not” sign, but still selling prescription drugs.

Yesterday, 9:00, reporters near a road junction Fukumoto future large pharmacy, a female salesperson went to ask what medicine. Reporters call themselves “diarrhea” and pointed to several drugs “prescription drug area,” the inquiry results. In this case, a middle-aged woman came over and said, “Come on, I can help you recommend.”

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