Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company makes cooperation with Jingdong to sell prescription drugs

According to reports, Jingdong Shan-yuan (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. under Jingdong E-Commerce Group. Zibo City medical prescription of the cooperation and transfer of prescription drug information platform of e-commerce pilot project, the three parties will be established including hospital information system (HIS), a doctor, medical prescriptions, including the circulation of information platform, cloud platform pharmacies, community pharmacies, distribution systems, etc. interconnection network, in order to achieve after outpatient visits by the patient to choose a line (not including narcotic drugs and the first class psychoactive drugs), purchase of medicines and offline way binding.
Notice that, Zibo City Health and Family Planning Commission commissioned the construction of Jingdong “Zibo City medical prescription transfer information platform” (hereinafter referred to as “transfer of prescription information platform”), the transfer of prescription information platform owned Zibo City Health and Family Planning Commission at all, and entrusted Jingdong, Xinhua pharmacies pilot period is responsible for operations; encourage Zibo City public hospital pilot and Jingdong, Xinhua signed prescription pharmacy transfer docking platform management protocol to transfer information platform for prescription prescription circulation, allows users to use e-prescribing platform convenient way of sending Xinhua large pharmacy pharmacy purchase of medicines. Jingdong registered a company in Zibo city, concrete floor as the protocol implementation of the company. During the pilot responsible for the specific operations prescription transfer information platform. Jingdong pharmacy design and launch cloud platform.
Meanwhile, Xinhua drugstore pharmacy as a platform for cloud settled Jingdong pilot pharmacy is accepting transfer platform provider of prescription drugs, a rigorous examination of the admissibility of orders, the timely completion of the purchase of medicines in patients receiving orders, delivery or completion of all transactions to process the medicine shop .
Insiders said the company actively incorporated in the sales channel construction industry trends, online pharmacies to accelerate the pace of development, to promote the pharmaceutical development of electronic business, and actively develop “Internet +” mode electricity supplier. July Xinhua Pharmacy online pharmacies formal operation, the flagship store Jingdong, Lynx shop, No. One shop on line have been completed, the company is expected to use the Internet to make up for marketing short board, to play the advantages of quality and cheap.

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