The implementation of zero profit drug sales

To get rid of drugs make up the medical mechanism, the full implementation of the drug (excluding Chinese Herbal Medicine) zero sales slip. Take key species monitoring, review prescription medicines negative list, reasonable inspection checks, Medicare audit supervision, the fight against commercial bribery and other comprehensive measures to completely cut off the hospital, the medical staff and the interests of the chain between the drugs. Drugs accounted for the province’s public hospitals (excluding Chinese Herbal Medicine) down to about 30%, medical sanitation material cost one hundred yuan income (excluding income from pharmaceuticals) consumed down to around $ 20. Reasonable income cancel the decrease in drug addition, county-level public hospitals by the full financial compensation, provincial, city and county a proportional share. Urban public hospitals in accordance with the principle of medical service price adjustment to compensate 90%, the same level of financial compensation of 5%, costing the hospital to strengthen the commitment of 5% the proportion of shares. Storage hospital treatment, custody, losses and other expenses included in the operating costs to compensate.

In ensuring public hospitals benign operation, the health insurance fund can withstand the masses as a whole can not afford to increase the premise of promoting health care price reform, strengthening price and medicine, health insurance, health policy convergence, and gradually establish multi-stakeholder involvement, category management, dynamic adjustment of prices formation mechanism.

Reduce the large medical equipment examination and treatment fees, inspection fees. Improve checkups fees, bed charges, nursing, surgery, treatment costs. Release assisted reproduction, cosmetic medicine, orthodontics, Chinese massage and Chinese medicine health care (excluding dialectical theory of governance) and prescribed norms opened special wards of beds, special needs patient checkups and other medical service prices, regulated by the market.

Provinces and provincial hospitals, central hospitals in Shaanxi affiliated universities, military hospitals to cancel drug addition, medical service price adjustment and the host city simultaneously.

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