Substandard operation of Chinese medicine enterprises

4 Pieces of Chinese medicine major problem there. Such as: go vote for votes; illegal purchase and sale of counterfeit Chinese Herbal Medicine OEM production records; outside the factory black dens; medicines purchased and manufactured products can not be guaranteed a full inspection. And check Ginkgo biloba extract of Ginkgo biloba preparations for, and there are also allowed to change the process, falsifying records file and other issues.
In fact, Chinese medicine production problem persists, it can be said is a historical legacy. “National attention on the major health, Chinese medicine industry in recent years has just begun, this time was only traditional Chinese medicine industry is also of concern to everyone, but the industry itself is weak medicine.

Before the founding of New China China little Chinese enterprises, is the general in front of the clinic, is behind the warehouse or small workshops, front shop to crush herbs made into pills or medicine will be taken directly to boiling and the like. Then all these years in traditional Chinese medicine development, the state has not given more attention, therefore, are now facing new GMP certification, many Chinese enterprises do not have the funds nor the capacity certified. “Beijing Dingchen Pharmaceutical Management Consulting Center for Shili Chen admitted.

In addition, although some companies when applying for a certificate is produced according to the relevant standard application, but until the get the certificate in order to save costs and will not be produced in accordance with production standards, and this situation is regarded as prevalent in traditional Chinese medicine companies, especially SMEs. “In the future there will be more Chinese enterprises for failing to follow the” norms “of production, GMP certificate is withdrawn.” Shili Chen expressed.

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