Retail pharmacies stepped into the most difficult period

However, the reality is very cruel, a drugstore chain of anonymity, told reporters on executives, said: “Although in cheap pharmacy as the breakthrough point, the rapid development of the industry has more than ten years, the policy also encourages hospitals prescription outflow, but until today, the situation is still not ideal prescription outflow. ”

Back in 2003, Xinhua had reported in a hospital in Xi’an, in order to prevent the outflow of prescriptions, frequently use a variety of tactics. With the establishment of the hospital in recent years, electronic systems, electronic prescriptions appear more difficult to increase the outflow of means prescriptions.

To solve the above problems, the state has issued in 2007, “Prescription Management Method”, expressly asked the hospital not be restricted in any form prescribed outflows. In April this year released “medical reform key tasks in 2016”, the relevant departments is once again stressed that this year will take a variety of forms to promote the separation of medicine, prescription restrictions prohibit hospitals outflow.

Continue to strengthen the national policy trend, many industry professionals see hope. Steel chairman Fu Bai Yang Pharmaceutical Group made it clear that this year the state has adopted a series of new policies, including the 2017 public hospital drugs accounted reduced to less than 30% of doctors practicing multi incentives, the use of mobile Internet technology promote the rational allocation of resources, drug distribution and so on, has emerged to promote the prescription outflow trend, which will undoubtedly make many distribution channels including retail pharmacies, including seeing substantial growth in prescription drug sales space.

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