Most forced fried Chinese medicine

In our understanding, the fried Chinese medicine is nothing more than a casserole in the fire shelves, the traditional Chinese medicine into the pot boiling, so that traditional Chinese medicine ingredients into the soup. But, have you seen do not fry it and eat traditional Chinese medicine? Zigong City Hospital in Huidong hospital pharmacy, there is a different pharmacy, which do not see any Chinese herbal medicine, replaced by neatly white bottle, the bottle is medicine particles. Members of the public to get the medicine, according to the Chinese name prescription on the medicine directly, eliminating the intermediate links to brew it.

After June 15, Liu went to the public Hospital of Zigong City Department of East hospital to take medicine, the doctor’s prescription pharmacy single-handed staff, the staff of the prescription is input to a computer, on a prescription written Chinese medicine name corresponding to the green light to the side of the bottle, according to the staff lights, fitted with a bottle of Chinese medicine granules taken down, one to one on one instrument, then dispensing success.

“Really easy to get the medicine is not the kind of raw materials, but grainy.” Liu told reporters that this is her first time to take this medicine, and do not get back after frying, direct red water to drink . Liu first experience of this way of grasping the medicine, this also made a circle of friends.

June 20, the reporter went to the hospital, said Liu entered the place, had left to go, a surge of cool mixed with a sense of the Smell of systemic spread. “Here we must maintain a certain temperature and dryness of the air.” The hospital pharmacy staff said. Reporters saw, the room has two walls are placed a large device, your device neat hole, each hole stood a white bottle containing Chinese medicine formulations particles. In the middle of the room, one instrument is at work.

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