The hospital will provide a “drug delivery” service

Located in Fengtai Huaxiang new area Tiantan Hospital, the main structure has entered a phase of renovation, scheduled to be completed in the first half of next year. New Tiantan Hospital, a total of 1,650 beds, will enhance the existing bed capacity Tiantan Hospital nearly doubled. And would give patients drugs courier service.

Tiantan Hospital is the first from the center of the city as a whole relocation “top three” hospital, the new hospital was built in the Fengtai District Huaxiang Qiaodongbeijiao. New homes with a total construction area of ​​nearly 270,000 square meters, is three times the total area of ​​the existing building. Distribution of the new hospital building 10 monomers, including specialist outpatient building, information service hall, emergency building, medical technology building, ward building, and other buildings, a total of 1,650 beds, will enhance the existing bed capacity nearly doubled Tiantan Hospital, The day clinic, emergency department than they are now expected to amount increased by 30%.

Currently the main structure of the project has been implemented cap into the outer walls and interior decoration phase, planned for completion in the first half of next year. In addition, new homes surrounding municipal projects are also stepping forward, Wisconsin road will open to traffic this year, Hong Chong Road, Sihetun Zhuang Road No. 3 will start construction this year, the northern extension of the North Fourth Ring Road, Fangshan Line station has been achieved into field.

Tiantan Hospital will implement new 4G and WiFi signal full coverage, the patient will be able to achieve self-registration by phone, independent appointment, automatic navigation and Internet payment, direct delivery of drugs may be needed depending on the patient to the patient’s home.

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