Research on Chinese medicine testing and standard

Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Health and the China Food and Drug Administration Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan signed a standard medicine testing and studies relating to cooperative arrangements on the 15th in Beijing to consolidate bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the field of scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to reports, in accordance with arrangements for cooperation, the two sides will be through expert meetings, training seminars and other activities to further strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine standardization technical exchanges, including research and Chinese herbal medicine Pieces quality and safety standards, development, and information about the quality of Chinese medicine and safety testing and risk control and other areas.

Cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, the Hong Kong Department of Health to give China Institute of Food and Drug test (in seized homes) support and participation, has completed 21 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in Hong Kong, the development of standards, the standard of which seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicines has been in the last year. ” in the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica standards “published standards remaining 14 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will also be published next year.

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