Research and development on Pharmacodynamics and clinical application

President of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, former deputy director of State Administration of Traditional Fang Shuting led LEG Dendrobium in Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shou Sentani declared, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base construction projects to inspect acceptance. LEG renowned experts Fang Shuting, Sun Liying, Wang Wenquan, GAO Wen-yuan, Zhao Runhuai, Wang Ying, Xiu heard special reports the company, to inspect the company’s base of Dendrobium, fungus growth, review the associated data files, and with the business, technical and management personnel an informal discussion was held visits acceptance feedback briefing, the Panel finds that comments and suggestions put forward. County leaders Deng Zhang, Li Yong participated in study acceptance.

The Group believes Wuyi County Dendrobium, fungus growth historic, Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharma AG has tradition and innovation in Dendrobium, provenance protection, imitation wild ecological organic farming products deep processing and utilization of Dendrobium Ganoderma industrial development has a strong lead role. He agreed to grant Zhejiang Shou Paradise Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Dendrobium, Ganoderma species protection and genuine medicine standardized planting base,” the title.

The Group recommends the company to carry out further officinale, Ganoderma germplasm resources protection and nurturing, increase Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum pharmacological effect and clinical application of research and development efforts to enhance standards promotion and brand building, so Dendrobium, and Ganoderma lucidum products for public health services and make greater contributions.

Zhejiang Shou Sentani Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Li Yan accompanied the expedition LEG acceptance, vowed to seriously listen to opinions and suggestions of experts digestion, improve protection and enhance the company’s authentic ingredients standardization construction.

National genuine medicinal planting bases

Preliminary survey of medicinal plants have been found within the 152 families of more than 1,200 species, and for the first time discovered Solanum (also known as Dragon Ball) in Zhejiang Province; Jinhua area was first discovered Balanophora and flat sticks blueberry new varieties; discovery pole with the value of the research and development of more than 20 varieties of species, such as berberine, three Yeh, three sharp cedar, Swertia, mistletoe, grass coral, Melaleuca tower, Huang Jing, Yu-chu, Ophiopogon, asparagus, white kiwi, dragon Senate polyphylla, Boisson, tile, and some medicinal mushroom fungus flower varieties, clouds Chi, Chi and other blood-red plug.

Shou Sentani Pharmaceutical established a base in germplasm resources garden germplasm base and information base, laid the foundation for expensive medicines resource conservation and sustainable use.

As early as August 2012, the NDRC and the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department approved separately agreed to establish a research center in Zhejiang Province Dendrobium engineering and engineering technology research center of rare herbal medicine in Zhejiang Province in life Sentani.

Dendrobium engineering research center in Zhejiang Shou Sentani Medicines Pharmaceutical organic base for the construction of the main body, in accordance with the domestic and international situation and development trend of Dendrobium industrial technology for hybrid germplasm, seeds lacking, difficult cultivation, cultivation no standard, difficult to promote and other issues, the key technology breakthroughs Dendrobium breeding, breeding areas, breeding solve engineering and industrial problems, a set breeding, propagation, cultivation is one of the complete technology development system, to achieve Dendrobium scale, standardized production.

Poor households are planting herbs in the hope of getting rich

“I have acres of Achyranthes to market now have to sell less than 5,000 dollars now.” Xiangyang Village planting households Zhanghou Chun hunched, his pants pulled high, while weeding side of Achyranthes He told reporters. This is a microcosm of Benedict Tsubosato many poor people get rich by planting herbs.

Benedict Tsubosato located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges in Wushan gorge south bank of Chongqing, Hubei junction, with an average altitude of 1200 meters, is rich of Chinese herbal medicines, the wide variety and superior quality, traditional Chinese herbal medicine planting the impoverished masses to become rich new way. Given the fact that the earlier very high altitudes began spontaneous, small-scale cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines. Benedict Tsubosato high altitudes from 2016 began to introduce goddess Pharmaceutical Company LLC, the company developed technical regulations nursery fertilization, planting pattern, cultivation and management, harvesting and other aspects of the method in accordance with the requirements, the company provides seedlings to farmers planting, and technical guidance to provide one-stop services from site selection, transplanting, field management, harvesting herbs, etc., and signed orders and Yaonong, thus boosting the expanding township planting, plant varieties growing in planting depth advance. At an altitude of 1300 meters above the alpine zone, through the company + base + farmers model positive development of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine industry from scratch, has grown to 6,000 acres, the output value of more than 50 million yuan.

Given the fact that traditional Chinese medicine industry to grow the party temple, Fritillaria based. Currently the township has a four cooperatives company committed to the development of Chinese herbal medicines. Chongqing Goddess Pharmaceutical shares limited liability company base covering 1,200 acres, planting signing, technology, purchasing contracts with all medicines township growers; Wushan County, Kai Kai planting stock cooperatives planting herbs 1004 acres, driven by poor households 57 ; Xiao Wushan County ditch planting professional cooperatives planting herbs 620 acres, driven by poor households 60; Wushan County Tan warlords planting professional cooperatives planting herbs 358 acres, driven by poor households 14; Wushan County Zhenghua cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines professional cooperatives 250 acres of medicinal herbs, driven by poor households 11.

Substandard operation of Chinese medicine enterprises

4 Pieces of Chinese medicine major problem there. Such as: go vote for votes; illegal purchase and sale of counterfeit Chinese Herbal Medicine OEM production records; outside the factory black dens; medicines purchased and manufactured products can not be guaranteed a full inspection. And check Ginkgo biloba extract of Ginkgo biloba preparations for, and there are also allowed to change the process, falsifying records file and other issues.
In fact, Chinese medicine production problem persists, it can be said is a historical legacy. “National attention on the major health, Chinese medicine industry in recent years has just begun, this time was only traditional Chinese medicine industry is also of concern to everyone, but the industry itself is weak medicine.

Before the founding of New China China little Chinese enterprises, is the general in front of the clinic, is behind the warehouse or small workshops, front shop to crush herbs made into pills or medicine will be taken directly to boiling and the like. Then all these years in traditional Chinese medicine development, the state has not given more attention, therefore, are now facing new GMP certification, many Chinese enterprises do not have the funds nor the capacity certified. “Beijing Dingchen Pharmaceutical Management Consulting Center for Shili Chen admitted.

In addition, although some companies when applying for a certificate is produced according to the relevant standard application, but until the get the certificate in order to save costs and will not be produced in accordance with production standards, and this situation is regarded as prevalent in traditional Chinese medicine companies, especially SMEs. “In the future there will be more Chinese enterprises for failing to follow the” norms “of production, GMP certificate is withdrawn.” Shili Chen expressed.

Most forced fried Chinese medicine

In our understanding, the fried Chinese medicine is nothing more than a casserole in the fire shelves, the traditional Chinese medicine into the pot boiling, so that traditional Chinese medicine ingredients into the soup. But, have you seen do not fry it and eat traditional Chinese medicine? Zigong City Hospital in Huidong hospital pharmacy, there is a different pharmacy, which do not see any Chinese herbal medicine, replaced by neatly white bottle, the bottle is medicine particles. Members of the public to get the medicine, according to the Chinese name prescription on the medicine directly, eliminating the intermediate links to brew it.

After June 15, Liu went to the public Hospital of Zigong City Department of East hospital to take medicine, the doctor’s prescription pharmacy single-handed staff, the staff of the prescription is input to a computer, on a prescription written Chinese medicine name corresponding to the green light to the side of the bottle, according to the staff lights, fitted with a bottle of Chinese medicine granules taken down, one to one on one instrument, then dispensing success.

“Really easy to get the medicine is not the kind of raw materials, but grainy.” Liu told reporters that this is her first time to take this medicine, and do not get back after frying, direct red water to drink . Liu first experience of this way of grasping the medicine, this also made a circle of friends.

June 20, the reporter went to the hospital, said Liu entered the place, had left to go, a surge of cool mixed with a sense of the Smell of systemic spread. “Here we must maintain a certain temperature and dryness of the air.” The hospital pharmacy staff said. Reporters saw, the room has two walls are placed a large device, your device neat hole, each hole stood a white bottle containing Chinese medicine formulations particles. In the middle of the room, one instrument is at work.

Research on Chinese medicine testing and standard

Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Health and the China Food and Drug Administration Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan signed a standard medicine testing and studies relating to cooperative arrangements on the 15th in Beijing to consolidate bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the field of scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to reports, in accordance with arrangements for cooperation, the two sides will be through expert meetings, training seminars and other activities to further strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine standardization technical exchanges, including research and Chinese herbal medicine Pieces quality and safety standards, development, and information about the quality of Chinese medicine and safety testing and risk control and other areas.

Cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, the Hong Kong Department of Health to give China Institute of Food and Drug test (in seized homes) support and participation, has completed 21 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in Hong Kong, the development of standards, the standard of which seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicines has been in the last year. ” in the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica standards “published standards remaining 14 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will also be published next year.

Enhance food and drug safety inspection

Since the city’s food and drug safety inspection work started, Wuqing Market Authority adhere to the “responsibility to distinguish in place, normative guidance in place, put in place to promote the guide in place” principle, promote food and drug safety inspection to achieve tangible results.

Wuqing development of the region issued a food and drug safety inspection program of work, set up a leading group responsible for organizing and leading the work of inspection, coordinated manner. Tissue mobilization. Concentrated in the region on the basis of mobilization, the council once again organized mobilization to promote and intensify the work inspection. Clear division of responsibilities. In accordance with the principle of “who is in charge who is responsible, who is who is responsible for approving, who control who is responsible” to implement the regulatory responsibility of departments, the primary regulatory responsibility of Origin form clear responsibility and authority, and make concerted efforts, joint prevention and control of a powerful force.

For many types of market players, the scope of business relates to the field of multi-regulatory personnel and more practical, hierarchical organization regulators, corporate executives, business training information specialists Village Street. Stage of the census total of 76 training sessions, training and supervision of personnel 1506 people, training enterprises 4694 times, training more than 600 people Member Information Village Street. Written instructions specification. Since the inspection work carried out, the council unified guidance of some units, common problems occurring in enterprise checking to ensure convergence and down in an orderly manner. Synchronization conduct self-examination. Start to proceed with the deployment and corporate self-examination, self-examination process promptly solve difficult problems.

Construct Internet+ Healthy Medicine Ecosystem

Recently, Jingdong announced the official launch of the integration of upstream and downstream industries for partners and distribution channels, “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform”, as well as provide consumers with proprietary non-prescription drugs (OTC) and “Jingdong pharmacy” business of health care products. Relying on its own platform advantage, “Jingdong medicine” industry partners will join forces to create a consumer-centric, medical services cut to the core of the Internet and drug transaction pharmaceutical ecosystem, in order to reshape the traditional medicine circulation, as well as consumer to provide one-stop service platform for the whole category of medical and pharmaceutical.

The on-line “Jingdong medicine B2B distribution platform” designed to build pharmaceutical companies, drug batch upstream to retail pharmacies, clinics, private hospitals and other downstream drug trading platform. Platform currently covers chemical drugs, respiratory and digestive system drugs, cardiovascular drugs, gynecology medication, medicine and other categories, the future will be on the line equipment, health products and other categories.

May 2015, Jingdong and Shanghai Pharmaceutical signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop Internet pharmaceutical market, and the creation of “drug cloud health flagship store.” Together to create a full category B2B online sales platform and cable distribution network.

Jingdong pharmacy as Jingdong B2C business brand pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, will rely on the master Jingdong, for the average consumer, the main Jingdong self OTC pharmaceutical business; business undertaking medicines, health products, supplements, medical equipment, health supplies, health services and other related categories, to create “asset-light, high-quality, heavy, high-efficiency, large-scale” professional pharmacy services and drug sales platform.

3.1 billion acquisition of Pud Pharmaceutical

Pud Pharmaceutical mainly engaged in chemical research and development in medicine compound preparation, production and sales, the efficacy of the product range to cardiovascular, microbial infections, tumor diseases, respiratory diseases, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies mainly to cover the digestive system , nervous system, urinary system, the main products for gingko injection, injection of brain protein hydrolyzate and other anti-microbial infection drug injection of anti-cancer drugs with the left leucovorin calcium.

Pud Pharmaceutical has 162 varieties of drugs, 279 drug production approval number. Pud Pharmaceutical audited 2015 revenue of 564 million yuan, net profit of 208 million yuan, equivalent to 82.46 percent and 906.76 percent over the same period thousand source pharmaceutical revenues and net profit, respectively.

Qian source of medicine, said Pud medicine has improved the production line freeze-drying, water-pin production lines and raw material drug production lines and strong production capacity, the acquisition strengthens the company’s heart and brain blood vessels, anti-tumor, anti-infection, nutrition classes and other fields strength, can greatly enrich the company’s product lines, expanding product coverage areas.

Comprehensive reform in urban public hospitals

Puyang City, is a comprehensive reform of the national contact pilot cities, one third of public hospitals, the province currently only Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Puyang three pilot cities selected countries. Puyang City, the start of the reform include Puyang City People’s Hospital 7 hospital. Puyang City Planning Commission, according to Liu Wei introduction phase, all hospital medical reform will cancel drug addition, lowering the cost of drugs and medical supplies, medicines implement “zero difference” sales, and strive to 2017, the proportion of urban public hospital pharmacy (excluding Chinese Herbal Medicine) overall reduced to about 30%, hundred medical income (excluding income from pharmaceuticals) consumed in sanitary materials reduced to 20 yuan.

Hospital health care reform will also reduce the price of large medical equipment examination and treatment, reasonable adjustments to reflect the medical staff to enhance technical service value prices of medical services, especially medical, surgical, nursing beds, traditional Chinese medicine and other services prices.

In addition, Puyang City will also establish public hospitals to DRGs based, and paid according to the head, according to the service unit to pay a combination of complex payment methods, and further expand the scope of health insurance payments paid clinic project, and gradually increase the hospital The actual reimbursement, reduce the personal burden of medical costs insured patients.