First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital actively promote the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Promoting Hierarchical clinics and medical conjoined mode of cooperation, continue to consolidate the zone of peace and cooperation on the basis of the medical conjoined, initially completed in cooperation with the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shijiazhuang negotiations, and Jinghai County CHILD health hospital signed a cooperation agreement to fulfill the functions of public welfare, social responsibility first, medical technology to maximize the advantages of three medical institutions to provide assistance for grass-roots community health service medical institutions. Hospital completed a remarkable three hospitals in poor areas of county hospitals counterpart support work, and actively organize the implementation of “one million physicians support rural health project.” In 2014, the Working Group hospital residency work closely around the central task of helping, by means of experimental planting herbs to help the village to find a way to get rich, experimental planting 100 acres of Salvia project is successful, the content of a variety of ingredients are more than the national pharmacopoeia standard, increasing the income of farmers.

Hospital conscientiously implement the requirements of relevant documents superior medical ethics, medical ethics education and to strengthen the staff to carry out the core values ​​of education, combined with “Good”, “Miyoshi a satisfaction” and other activities, organize workers to conscientiously study the laws and regulations, enhance awareness of compliance. Thought actively carry out “medical practitioners to implement codes of conduct tree good ethics,” special education and practice “five to five are not allowed” service commitment activity Tianjin Wei Planning to deploy, requiring medical staff to further strengthen the “patient first” , always put the people’s interests first, focus on improving the service, improve service quality, control medical costs, reduce the burden on the masses, ruthless killing of medical personnel kickbacks, “red”, billing and other errors of commission wind. During the three years, the hospital has received all kinds of praise for the medical staff letter 1550, in which 645 letters of appreciation, pennants frame 808 face, verbal praise 97 times, medical personnel and reject red card shopping totaled 826,640 yuan.

Hospital adhering to the “law-abiding, pragmatic solidarity, integrity and lead by example,” the credo, adhere to triple a large system, the implementation of the Workers’ Congress, do Hospital Transparency, strengthen democratic management and democratic supervision, work rules to follow , the legitimate rights and interests of workers are protected, harmonious relationship between cadres. Focus on strengthening the “home of workers”, to create a “national model worker” as an opportunity, South Campus area over 500 square meters of “workers club” put into use, the establishment of singing, dancing, photography, tai chi fan, sports and other topics associations, organizations table tennis, football match, tournament activities, carry out a variety of sports activities, increasing the cohesion and solidarity of workers.

Chinese medicine is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture

It reported that Chinese medicine is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. However in recent years, “Western medicine” popular in the domestic market. Our medicines are exported to foreign countries, the after processing into “Kampo preparations”, and then sold back to the Chinese market. Although the price of similar products several times, but still can not stop people from buying.

For example, after the German companies with the purchase price of a few dollars per kilogram Chinese rough leaves, deep processing of research into cholesterol-lowering drugs, the price of up to several hundred dollars. Ancient Chinese side “Liushen”, was the transformation of Japan developed a “rescue Pill”, creating more than 100 million US dollars per year in sales miracle.

The same gene, why a country trip, not only to sell a good price, but also became a best seller? Fourth Clinical Medical College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dean Wang Chengxiang think, compared to foreign drugs through the deep processing of value-added products improve, the domestic production mostly in the early stages.

Our drugs, including health care products are at relatively early stages in the processing and packaging, we do still not enough. The industry believes that “Western medicine” has been favored by consumers, strict quality standards is an important reason, and this is precisely the biggest weakness of traditional Chinese medicine industry. Lack of quality standards, allow domestic Chinese medicine into a “quality crisis.”

The market share of Chinese medicine grinder

Talking pharmaceutical equipment important equipment is no doubt that Chinese medicine grinder will be on the list. In recent years, pulverizer used in Chinese medicine has also been widely used. But I development, also encountered some bottlenecks.
The development of traditional Chinese medicine grinder now there are many difficulties, because through ten years of development, can improve all aspects of technology have been improved, would like to have new progress is very difficult.
Chinese medicine grinder production enterprises more and more, which increases the competition between enterprises manufacturers, compared with foreign grinder, it is undeniable that China’s relatively backward technology, which also restricted the development of mill enterprises. In addition, our technical staff also lack of knowledge, business understanding mill will stay on the surface. Related enterprises should learn more about industry knowledge, operation and maintenance of this equipment is of great help.

Our Chinese medicine grinder to change the low-tech situation, we must continue school advanced technology. The development of high efficiency, low consumption of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. According to the market development of applicable market Chinese medicine grinder, grinder to accelerate the development of the industry, thereby increasing the market share of domestic mill.
From the entire domestic market to analyze the problem and find a good method to solve the problem and there is now, and now we should improve the situation in the case, go to some foreign market is not developed, but in line with current market grinder with high technological content equipment to conquer the market.
Chinese medicine grinder and our life is closely related to its progress and development is never stop. As long as we learn to observe carefully track the trend of social development, and the development trend of the technology to be able to master the most advanced technology to meet the market demand.

Monopoly of Chinese medicine particles

Chinese medicine formulations particles market monopoly for many years, in July 2001, the former State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Chinese medicine formulations particles Management Interim Provisions”, will Chinese medicine granules included in the scope of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Herbal implement approval number management. 2002–2004 years, through the National Food Administration drug review the record and get the pilot, the company approved a total of six companies, including Jiang Yin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, Guangdong side Pharmaceutical, Beijing Kangren Tang Pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical, Sichuan new green medicine, Empowerment (Nanning) Pharmaceutical. Thereafter, the pilot enterprises not increased. The market is also very generous profit, about 50% annual growth rate, in such a long time actually only six companies are entitled to market profits.

December 2015, the State Food and Drug Control Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Food and Drug Administration) issued draft, limiting the pilot show will be open formulation particles – traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises only after the seat of the provincial food and drug administration departments approval, and to increase Chinese medicine granules in pharmaceutical production enterprise license production range, then in accordance with “Chinese medicine formulations particles filing governance Rules” requirement to submit filings to the provincial food and Drug Administration department, can be produced.

Full liberalization may exacerbate market competition. Meanwhile, the state also strengthened the production specifications and requirements. While the industry standard is still confusion, the draft clearly defined by the State Pharmacopoeia Committee organized a unified Chinese medicine formulations particles of the drug formulation and revision of standards. However, industry sources speculated general, since the standard in a short time “giving birth”, the record made real floor still to fear.

Pharmacies sell prescription drugs by renting card

Zhengzhou Chen is a licensed pharmacist, in February this year, he suddenly found himself under the name of more pharmacies. Dahe reporter visited found, hidden behind the problem, “adequate” and the relationship between pharmacy licensed pharmacist. At present, Henan community pharmacies licensed pharmacist registered more than 2,000 the number of notches.

As a rule, the province business of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs Class A drug retailer, must be equipped with a licensed pharmacist, but the pharmacist gap, some pharmacies “rent card” business, result in the store has a licensed pharmacist license but did not see the pharmacist. There pharmacists playing a “Servant of Two Masters”, people go to work in a hospital or pharmaceutical companies, yet hanging in the pharmacy license to make money.

As a rule, business Class A non-prescription and prescription drugs drug retailer, licensed pharmacist or other legally by qualified pharmaceutical technicians not post, you should inform the listing, and to stop the sale of such drugs. But when the reporter visited Zhengzhou number of pharmacies found that many pharmacies although hanging “Pharmacists are not” sign, but still selling prescription drugs.

Yesterday, 9:00, reporters near a road junction Fukumoto future large pharmacy, a female salesperson went to ask what medicine. Reporters call themselves “diarrhea” and pointed to several drugs “prescription drug area,” the inquiry results. In this case, a middle-aged woman came over and said, “Come on, I can help you recommend.”

Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company makes cooperation with Jingdong to sell prescription drugs

According to reports, Jingdong Shan-yuan (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. under Jingdong E-Commerce Group. Zibo City medical prescription of the cooperation and transfer of prescription drug information platform of e-commerce pilot project, the three parties will be established including hospital information system (HIS), a doctor, medical prescriptions, including the circulation of information platform, cloud platform pharmacies, community pharmacies, distribution systems, etc. interconnection network, in order to achieve after outpatient visits by the patient to choose a line (not including narcotic drugs and the first class psychoactive drugs), purchase of medicines and offline way binding.
Notice that, Zibo City Health and Family Planning Commission commissioned the construction of Jingdong “Zibo City medical prescription transfer information platform” (hereinafter referred to as “transfer of prescription information platform”), the transfer of prescription information platform owned Zibo City Health and Family Planning Commission at all, and entrusted Jingdong, Xinhua pharmacies pilot period is responsible for operations; encourage Zibo City public hospital pilot and Jingdong, Xinhua signed prescription pharmacy transfer docking platform management protocol to transfer information platform for prescription prescription circulation, allows users to use e-prescribing platform convenient way of sending Xinhua large pharmacy pharmacy purchase of medicines. Jingdong registered a company in Zibo city, concrete floor as the protocol implementation of the company. During the pilot responsible for the specific operations prescription transfer information platform. Jingdong pharmacy design and launch cloud platform.
Meanwhile, Xinhua drugstore pharmacy as a platform for cloud settled Jingdong pilot pharmacy is accepting transfer platform provider of prescription drugs, a rigorous examination of the admissibility of orders, the timely completion of the purchase of medicines in patients receiving orders, delivery or completion of all transactions to process the medicine shop .
Insiders said the company actively incorporated in the sales channel construction industry trends, online pharmacies to accelerate the pace of development, to promote the pharmaceutical development of electronic business, and actively develop “Internet +” mode electricity supplier. July Xinhua Pharmacy online pharmacies formal operation, the flagship store Jingdong, Lynx shop, No. One shop on line have been completed, the company is expected to use the Internet to make up for marketing short board, to play the advantages of quality and cheap.

Retail pharmacies stepped into the most difficult period

However, the reality is very cruel, a drugstore chain of anonymity, told reporters on executives, said: “Although in cheap pharmacy as the breakthrough point, the rapid development of the industry has more than ten years, the policy also encourages hospitals prescription outflow, but until today, the situation is still not ideal prescription outflow. ”

Back in 2003, Xinhua had reported in a hospital in Xi’an, in order to prevent the outflow of prescriptions, frequently use a variety of tactics. With the establishment of the hospital in recent years, electronic systems, electronic prescriptions appear more difficult to increase the outflow of means prescriptions.

To solve the above problems, the state has issued in 2007, “Prescription Management Method”, expressly asked the hospital not be restricted in any form prescribed outflows. In April this year released “medical reform key tasks in 2016”, the relevant departments is once again stressed that this year will take a variety of forms to promote the separation of medicine, prescription restrictions prohibit hospitals outflow.

Continue to strengthen the national policy trend, many industry professionals see hope. Steel chairman Fu Bai Yang Pharmaceutical Group made it clear that this year the state has adopted a series of new policies, including the 2017 public hospital drugs accounted reduced to less than 30% of doctors practicing multi incentives, the use of mobile Internet technology promote the rational allocation of resources, drug distribution and so on, has emerged to promote the prescription outflow trend, which will undoubtedly make many distribution channels including retail pharmacies, including seeing substantial growth in prescription drug sales space.

Food and Drug Administration held a meeting on sales of prescription drugs

Recently, the media revealed the province of some drug retailers with prescription sales of antibiotics without prescriptions, etc., caused by the provincial Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance. To strengthen the supervision of the city’s prescription drug sales, regulate drug business practices to ensure safe and effective use of drugs, June 20, the city Food and Drug Administration held a prescription sales of prescription drugs remediation work conference.
The meeting pointed out, drug safety, human life. At this stage the presence in our city drug retailers selling prescription drugs without prescription, prescription drug sales management is not required to carry out acts of registration, sales of prescription drugs and Class A non-prescription drugs. Each drug retailers to enhance the legal awareness, sense of responsibility, not overcharging selling antibiotic drugs; various Food and Drug Administration drug safety managers to improve the management of long-term mechanism to strengthen routine supervision, strengthen routine inspections and the formation of normalization of regulators to strengthen accountability.
The meeting urged all drug retailers to understand the situation, raise awareness, to strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the prescription and non-prescription drugs category management, strict prescription drug sales management, with the implementation of the pharmacist in pharmaceutical technology services to guide rational drug use; management of prescription drugs and Class A non-prescription drugs drug retailers should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of GSP, after prescription auditors review sales of prescription drugs, prescription auditors not post, it shall inform the listing, and stop selling prescription and non-prescription drugs CPI. Who found that drug retailer illegal sale of prescription drugs, will be based on “Drug Administration Law,” “drug distribution supervision and management approach” and other relevant laws and regulations for processing, the circumstances are serious, shall be punished severely, until revoked “drug management license” constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Courses on Identification of traditional Chinese medicine

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration Quanzhou city held a Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination cum drug regulatory business training courses. The city’s drug regulatory personnel involved in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces production, wholesale, chain headquarters quality control personnel 280 people participated in the training.

It is understood that the training has made drug testing institution rich practical experience of experts discrimination medicines thematic explanations, on 23 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines easily adulterated training last year, Chinese medicine Pieces varieties, also a new addition this year to focus on 27 kinds identification of training. In addition, the training also distributed a Food and Drug Administration by the Quanzhou City Institute for Drug Control written invitation “Chinese herbal character identification of training materials 2” for each student for students to learn.

Quanzhou Food and Drug Administration, responsible person, Chinese herbal medicine Pieces discrimination training courses have been held a year, this is the second phase. Such courses both for regulators in the future to do medicine market supervision, or the pharmaceutical enterprises in the future activities of buying and selling good quality have played a good role.

Create a five-star class Chinese Medicine Industry

The so-called five “heart” is a multi-faceted publicity eliminate suspicion, typically lead the public confidence, because household policies applied by the determination, to the point now really helping relieve concerns paste people. It is understood that permanent hair cooperatives in the county 14 villages and towns (street) 32 villages led to more than 4,200 farmers planting project implementation. Planting area of ​​1.2 hectares, involving eight kinds of Chinese herbal varieties Peucedanum, lilies, Poria, Aster, bellflower, herb and so on.

Based on a wide range of planting, planting varieties fact, village-based Task Force, responsible for helping the United HENGFA cooperatives technical personnel to go home in poor households, poor households to learn about family labor, plant capacity, Serious View geological conditions, soil and water resources, climate, traffic situation. Planting implement the “unified planning and site preparation”, will go it alone “development to” concentrated into a film “type of development to ensure that every village has at least one area of ​​100 acres planted scale cultivation base.

Start-up capital for poor households lack of project issues, “unified seed, unified fertilization, pesticides unity”, permanent hair cooperative projects on the basis of national industrial subsidies, and actively fulfill its corporate social obligations and responsibilities, free of charge for poor households seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, helping poor households quickly start planting.

Currently, David Carse, cooperatives provide seed money to poor households 11.2 million yuan, 7.9 million yuan of fertilizer and pesticides paragraph. For poor households lack of technology and experience in the planting issue, “unified guidance of” permanent hair cooperative organizations, more than 30 professional and technical personnel tracking service for poor households. Up to now, the technical service has reached more than 8,000 people. Planting bases have been placed in a simple washing machine 8, the construction of washing pool 38, the construction of a total area of ​​8200 square meters of Chinese herbal medicine processing plant.